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A Message From Our Bishop, Most Reverend Oscar Cantú


Dear Friends:
I am happy to learn of the existence of such a group as the “Catholic Professionals,” especially in the South Bay. Your role in the Church is an important one. The Church calls you as lay Catholics to lend a witness of the faith in your daily lives. Your membership and participation in a group such as Catholic Professionals helps you to clarify your vocation in the Church as lay Catholics – to evangelize the world through your daily witness.

Please know of my support for your group and my daily prayers for you. I am grateful to you, as well, for your warm welcome to me, as I arrived last September in my new home of San Jose. Thank you for your prayers for me and for the Church. I am encouraged, in these challenging times for the Church by two things: Jesus’ promise, “I will be with you until the end of the world;” and your prayers and support. Thank you!


I am impressed, moreover, by your commitment to yourselves and to one another: the opportunities you offer members to be encouraged, enriched, and inspired, not only by the presentations of various speakers, but also by one another!


I pray that you be strengthened in your own faith, especially through the group support of Catholic Professionals. I am grateful to Catholic Professionals for providing opportunities to understand more clearly how current ethical issues affect the lives and businesses of Catholic professional men and woman, and how our faith provides guidance in an ever more complex world.

Assuring you of my constant prayers, I remain, 
Yours in Christ,
Oscar Cantú
Bishop of San Jose

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